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I hope everyone wants it  leave beautifully...

Optimistic Coffin is a high quality, spruce all-wooden, handmade coffin in a new, timeless design which follows the motto: “For design lovers unto death!“
Optimistic Coffin’s uniqueness lies in an innovative, original, cultivated and optimistic appearance while using modern colours and graphics.
In spite of its function, the new product doesn’t look depressing, in contrast to the current product range on the market. It tries to make a difficult task easier to the bereaved – to say goodbye to a loved one.


Jiří Ďuriš

Designer and author Optimistic coffin

AW Collection
rakev design basic coffin

The baseline BASIC and COLOUR models contain white upholstery* with fine white print. The DECOR collection offers a selection of flower motifs.

The urn can be purchased as part of a collection with a mini-urn, or individually. It is possible to choose the same or a different design as the coffin.

rakev design bílá coffin

Little coffins for little angels are available in lengths of 80, 120, and 160 cm.

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